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The Table


Our vision at The Table is to establish a church in the Argenta-Oreana community that is based on the principles we observe in Acts 2.

Those are the physical facts, but we are so thankful to the Lord that we have been able to partner in seeing God’s kingdom established here, in the United States and around the world.

Service Time

Sundays | 9 a.m.

204 West Bower Street

Oreana, IL  62554

Austin Hemmen

Who Are We?

The Table Church is led by Austin and Taylor Hemmen. It all started with the question of “what if?”.

What if the Argenta-Oreana community not only became interested in God, but in love with him?

What if God’s people in this area truly lived out the command to love God and love people?

What if these people began to live as the Church in the way that we see done in the book of Acts?

To make these questions a reality, The Table Church was launched.

Our Approach to Ministry

Here at The Table Church, we recognize that the call to love supersedes affection – it should lead to action! Therefore, from the overflow of our love of God and our neighbors, we seek every opportunity to serve our community. Some examples of this include serving our local schools, volunteering at various festivals, or even bringing a tray of cookies to a neighbor who may be lonely. Through these opportunities, we get the chance to share both the Gospel and the love of Christ to people who may not have had much exposure to either.

Simply put: for us, ministry isn’t just something we go to church to be a part of, it’s a lifestyle that invades each and every aspect of our lives.

worship service at The Table Church

Want to get involved?

Since our primary approach to ministry is so out-focused, literally any skill or gifting can be used for ministry.

Can you bake? Let’s get you connected with local families who have hit a rough patch and could use some cookies.

Are you good at building things? There are many people in our community, be it single moms, elderly folks, or young couples, who could use your help.

Are you great at disk-golf? Bring a student out to the course and talk about issues he may be having at home.

The point is that no matter what you are gifted at, God can use your talents for ministry. If you want to figure out how you can use your talents for ministry, please contact us and we can get you started!

Start Here

For questions or information, please call Austin Hemmen at 217-875-2300 or send him an email.