Within the church a pattern has begun to emerge during this election year - one that intertwines following the Lord and following political parties. What does the Lord say about this? How should followers of Christ engage in political systems? Does it have a place in our walk with God? Join us this week as we look at the relationship of humanity mandating morality through politics and government and how it compares to what God actually wants from his people.

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Tae-Kwon-Do: Ben and Andrea West

Today we are joined by Ben and Andrea West! Ben and Andrea have been running a Tae-Kwon-Do school for years and today we talk about where interests and ministry intersect!

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Parenting: Lynn Cooper

We’re sitting down to talk about parenting with Pastor Lynn Cooper today! Whether we’re looking at pre or post-pandemic, the struggles of parenting are always present. Pastor Lynn gives works through practical advice and spiritual truths as we unpack parenting in today’s context.

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Addiction : Matt Layton

Addiction is something that hits each one of our lives – whether we have walked through it ourselves or if know someone currently walking through it. Today, we sit down with Matt Layton to hear his story from addiction to freedom.

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