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The Real Life POdcast - Conversations from life foursquare

Hosted by pastors Sesha and Austin, this podcast dives into the “real life” topics and offers a kingdom centered perspective!

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Education: Mellisa Stacey and Janelle McCollum

As we kickoff the new season of Real Life, we are joined by Mellisa Stacey and Janelle McCollum to talk about their perspectives surrounding education. Obviously it’s been a difficult season for all educators, so today we sit down and discuss some of the triumphs and struggles. We also take time to talk about some of the ways that we can all support our local educators.

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Real LIfe - Podcast Conversations from Life Foursquare

Parenting in a Pandemic Part 1

Parenting in a Pandemic! In this season, parents from all sorts of different contexts have found themselves asking about parenting, children, and all things in between. What are some issues with parenting in the midst of a pandemic? What are some of the struggles? How do we know if we’re doing a good job?In the coming weeks we will be addressing these concerns as we have a very real conversation about Parenting in a Pandemic!

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