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Each of our ministries exists to help believers impact our church and the broader community through meaningful opportunities. We do this by helping you discover the unique ways in which God has specifically designed you to serve. Whether you are brand new or a seasoned volunteer, we are excited that you want to find your place to make a difference in the lives of others.

By getting involved, we trust you will grow spiritually, connect with others, and experience deep satisfaction and lasting joy. We want to help you discover a place to serve that will allow you to use your gifts, strengths, and calling in exactly the way God intended when he designed you. Our goal is not to use the people of God to get the work of the ministry done, but instead, it is to use the work of ministry to help God’s people become more like Him. 

By serving together we become part of something so much bigger than ourselves, enabling us to advance the kingdom of God and fulfill our purpose. Everyone plays a vital role in the life of the church, and together we can fulfill the purpose God has for us. We are excited that you are interested in finding your place to serve the body of LIFE.


Welcome teams

The Life Welcomes Teams are the face of Life Foursquare Church. Through these ministries, we strive to leave a friendly and lasting impression on first-time visitors and members alike. Individuals who serve within this area are very enthusiastic about our church family, sensitive to anticipate the needs of those entering our facility and committed to create a warm and welcoming “home” to all. 


We long to provide a welcoming and loving environment for our visitors and members. Our volunteers open doors and welcome people with a friendly smile as they enter the church. We pass out bulletins and help direct guests by answering questions or escorting them to the Welcome Centers for more information. We often direct visiting parents to the Check-In Center for their children.


We strive to serve the members and guests of LIFE Foursquare Church by ensuring a safe environment where they can worship God. We assist in pre-service preparations, locate, and/or create available seating for attendees, and we also collect tithes and offering. There is occasional parking lot help for special events.

welcome center

We want to provide a welcoming and loving environment for all visitors and members. As members of this team we greet, and direct people as needed. We want to be available to answer questions and make sure visitors feel welcome and supported.

Care Teams

What we do to the least of these we do unto Jesus Himself. Because LIFE Cares, these teams are busy taking care of our friends and our families who need timely, tender loving care through very practical acts of service. We assist our families with meals during challenging times, like hospital recoveries and loss. If your compassion is stirred, consider the following ministries.

Funeral Dinners

We help to provide food in a comfortable atmosphere for grieving families, so they are able to relax with family and close friends. Team members either bring a homemade dish or pick up something to bring to the church before the funeral OR on the day of the funeral are at the church during the day to help set up, serve, and clean up after the meal. 


HOTS is a gentle, non-confrontational model of prayer for healing. We meet Saturday afternoons in Central Park to pray for healing with people in our city. 

Hospital RecoveryMeals

Members of this team prepare or order a meal to take an individual or family who are in need of extra support due to a hospital stay or surgery.



This team helps to meet issues of hunger by supplying bread to those in need. Our volunteers pick up bread from Panera on Wednesday evenings at 9:00 pm, separate the bread into individual portions (as directed by the individual shelter), and deliver the bread on Thursday mornings to the shelters.



We deliver meals to those in our church body who are homebound which keeps people feeling loved and connected even when unable to attend church. The meals are picked up from the church on Thursday mornings and delivered to those in need.

creative Teams

We seek to lead our church in a time of meaningful worship through song and dance. Our goal is to allow the Holy Spirit to move freely as we worship God. We want people to experience the power and presence of the Holy Spirit as they seek the Lord.


We lead our church into a time of worship through song. We do this on several Sunday mornings throughout the year, special services and events such as Christmas, Easter, and Independence Day.

Life's Lens: Photography

We strive to capture moments at all our events through photography. We archive the pictures to have them for future use as well as have a way of seeing all that is happening throughout our church family every year.


We serve the Lord, the members, and guests of LIFE Foursquare Church by making the visual aspects of the service a worshipful experience. The goal is to serve in all or in particularly desired areas of the tech team and to give our best to the Lord in our service.


We lead our church in a time of worship through music and prayer. Preparation through practice is essential to leading the congregation on Sunday mornings.


We provide a safe and loving environment for our children and youth to come and grow in the Lord through games, activities, fellowship with peers, and interaction with adults who are teaching and equipping them with the Word of God. Our team wants to help train up the Next Generation of our church to passionately pursue Christ in all they do. Our goal is to connect our Next Generation to the Kingdom.




We lead our Infant – 5th grade students through the Awana lessons every week to help them grow in the Word of God. We want them to get the Word in their hearts, so they will always have it, even as they get older. Our classrooms include Infant (Baby – 2 years), Puggles (2 years), Cubbies (PreK), Sparks (K – 2nd), and TNT (3rd – 5th).


We spend time listening to our students as they recite the verses they have been working on throughout the week. This is our way of making sure that students are learning the Word of God while at home with the hope being that this will stick with them as they get older.


Throughout the Awana year, we provide refreshments and snacks for different events. We have people who both serve and help provide snacks for these events. We like to be able to provide our students with fun treats throughout the year.

the orchard



We run video and sound for The Orchard large group sessions.

Large GroupLeader

We teach the weekly lesson to all The Orchard students. We provide tangible examples of living out the Word of God. We teach what the small group leaders will expound on later in the individual grade classrooms.

small GroupLeader

We meet with students in an individual grade and walk them through activities that help connect the curriculum to everyday life. We pray with students and allow them the opportunity to apply the Word of God to the things going on in their lives. We help them build relationships with their peers in order to share the love of God.


We strive to help students worship God through song and motion. We lead through songs with energy and excitement to help provide an atmosphere of joy when singing and worshipping God.

Location: Youth room

Time Commitment: 9:30-10:30 Sunday morning one/two months per year

the nursery


We assist our teachers in doing whatever is needed to keep the time organized and flowing. We love on the children as we show them the things of Christ.

Location: PreK rooms

Time Commitment: 9:30-11:30 one Sunday morning per month


We lead our students through curriculum that seeks to plant seeds of the Gospel in their hearts. As teachers, we make sure students are properly checked in and out for each service. We answer any questions parents may have, and we encourage our children in the things of the Lord. 

Location: Varies per activity

Time Commitment: Varies per activity and your availability

the grove



We run video and sound for the entire Wednesday service including music before/after service, worship, curriculum videos, and message.

Location: Youth room

Time Commitment: 5:30-8:00 Wednesday night weekly

Small Group Leader

We meet with a group of 4-10 students after the teaching from Pastor Gary. In our small groups we discuss in more detail the topic for the evening. We pray with students and build relationships with them in order to mentor our students as they grow in relationship with Christ.

Location: Youth room

Time Commitment: 6:00-8:00 Wednesday night weekly, occasional activities/meetings


We lead students in a time of worship through music.

Location: Youth room

Time Commitment: 5:00-8:00 Wednesday night weekly


Starting in October 2018 we will begin working with students in 5th-12th grades. We will be helping with homework as students have need throughout the semester.

Location: Room 104

Time Commitment: Thursday night 6:00-8:00

special needs

We work individually with students who have special needs to ensure they can participate in our normal Sunday morning, AWANA, and/or youth activities as much as possible. We love our families by ensuring every child has a place.

Location: Kids/Youth rooms

Time Commitment: 9:45-11:45 Every other month, every Sunday

serve teams

LIFE Serves Team members know that ministry is our goal and their dedication to the operations of our services is unmatched. Preparations for communion services, meals, and coffee are a top priority for these hard workers.

communion prep 

We prayerfully prepare the elements of communion for our church family to partake. We prepare the first Saturday of each month for the Sunday service as well as clean up after the service.

Location: Kitchen

Time Commitment: 9:00-10:15 Saturday morning and 11:30-12:00 Sunday after service one/two weekends a year (1st weekend of the month)

communion service

We distribute the elements of communion during our service on the first Sunday of the month.

Location: Worship Cente

Time Commitment: 9:45-10:30 first Sunday morning of each month

connection café

We serve by providing an atmosphere where people can enjoy relationships over a donut or cup of coffee from 9:00-9:55 on Sunday mornings. We prepare and joyfully serve food and beverages, then clean up the Café.

Location: Café

Time Commitment: 8:15-10:30 one Sunday morning per month

Wednesday Dinners

We strive to provide a quality meal to our church family and visitors on Wednesday evenings before our scheduled classes. Our volunteers prepare, serve, and clean up before or after Wednesday night dinner.

Location: Kitchen

Time Commitment: Once a month; time varies

special teams

Special Teams do not necessarily meet regularly. They may be seasonal or as needed. These teams include property upkeep; selling church merchandise and picking people up for Sunday morning service.

green team

We keep the grounds of LIFE looking nice and neat.

Location: LIFE

Time Commitment: Varies with availability and need (April-October)


We want to provide an opportunity for people to feel connected to LIFE through providing different items that give people the chance to show they love our church. We lovingly serve the body while keeping everything neat and organized and collecting money that is turned in after to the proper people at the end of each session.


Location: Atrium

Time Commitment: 9:00-10:00 and 11:30-12:00 Sunday morning weekly when selling items


heather  whicker
 Connections Pastor

We help to service members and guests by preparing and serving refreshments and/or meals for special occasions that occur throughout the year at LIFE Foursquare Church. We prepare, serve and clean up before and after each special event. Our events can include baking cookies or making snacks for Easter, Christmas, or Day Camp or preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner for any special event that may be scheduled throughout the year.

Location: Kitchen and Rooms 101/102

Time Commitment: This varies depending on the event

We pick up people downtown in Central Park for our Sunday morning at 10:00 am service. We also take them back to Central Park after the service.


location: Church Van

Time Commitment: One Sunday morning monthly 

special events crew

Prayer Requests
True hope

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