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Why fast?

The goal of fasting is to draw closer to the Lord. The Bible shows us that fasting removes distractions and allows us to lean into the Lord; when we do that, He will renew us and change us.

Fasting helps us to prioritize the Lord in our lives, and it prepares our hearts for what the Lord desires to bring to our lives. As we seek the Lord in prayer while we fast, personally and corporately, it is important to remember that fasting should come with a level of challenge. But you know your body, and we want you to understand your options.

Scripture References

Types of Fasts

Complete Fasts

Complete Fast

In this type of fast, you drink only liquids, typically water with light juices.

Selective Fasts

Selective Fasts

This type of fast involves removing certain foods and elements from your diet. One popular example is the Daniel Fast, in which you remove meats, sweets, dairy and bread from your diet; you eat fruits and vegetables and drink water; this is similar to the vegan diet.

Partial Fasts

Partial Fasts

This is often referred to as the “Jewish Fast.” No food is consumed in the morning or afternoon. Then a meal is eaten in the evening. This can work by using specific times of day, or simply “sun up to sun down.”

Soul Fasts

Soul Fast

This is a great option for people with no experience or limited experience with fasting; it is also good for those whose health may prevent them from fasting food. This fast is commonly used to help bring focus to certain areas of your life that are out of balance. Some examples include fasting from social media interactions, television, video games or other activities that consume your time.

21 Day Fast

Weekly prayer and worship gatherings.

Weekly Reading Plan

Week 1

Read Isaiah 58 each day.
(Advanced reading guide: in addition, read Acts 1-9 this week.)

Week 2

Read Psalm 139 each day.
(Advanced reading guide: in addition, read Acts 10-20 this week.)

Week 3

Read 1 Thessalonians 5 each day.
(Advanced reading guide: in addition, read Acts 21-28 this week.)

Prayer Prompts

Week 1
When we fast, we are asking the Lord to change our hearts and what we see. But as we pursue God, our actions, likewise, must be in accordance with Him. Meditate on what Isaiah 58 says about repentance and how it looks in your life.
Week 1: Lead Us To Repentance
Pray through Psalm 51 each day. Allow the Holy Spirit to search your heart for the areas in your life where you have not honored the Lord. From there, submit your will to the Father and pray Psalm 51:10-12, that He would give you all that you need to shift your eyes from following your will to trusting in His.
Week 2
This Psalm is about God’s complete knowledge of His creation. Meditate on what this means for you each day you read it. How does it affect the outcome of situations where you find yourself at odds with God?
Week 2: Renew our minds.
Read Romans 12:2 each day and then set apart a time for you to listen to the Lord. Silence yourself and allow God to speak His truth to every part of your life. Let Him bring correction, grace, peace and love to your thoughts as He brings you back into alignment with who He has called you to be.
Week 3
Paul distinguishes Christians from the world in this passage. Meditate on how the differences he talks about should impact your life and how that looks for you as you fix your eyes on Jesus.
Week 3: Fix our eyes on Jesus
Read Hebrews 12:1-2 each day. Ask God to reveal Himself in all areas of your life and then give Him praise for all that He is doing. Use this time to reflect on the goodness of God. Ask Him to prepare you for what is to come in the next season by changing how you see- from an earthly-perspective to a kingdom-perspective.

How can we pray for you?

Let us agree with you in prayer during this season in your life.