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Why fast?

As we engage prayer and fasting at the start of 2024, our focus will be on praying through and with Scripture. We recognize that God wants to do big things in our lives and communities in 2024. The best way to prepare for it is to surrender our will for his by using God’s truth as the foundation for our prayers. Below, you will find a reading plan and prayer guide so that we can all participate in unity.

Each day, you will find a passage or two of Scripture and a theme tied to that reading. Use the day’s theme to direct how you pray for that day using the passage(s) you’ve read. If you have never prayed Scripture, it’s easier than you would think. In one hand you hold the passage you just read and in the other you hold your prayer; praying Scripture is bringing the two together. Read through the passage as though you are praying those words to the Lord. If a particular word, phrase, or theme sticks out to you, stop and consider how it applies to your life or a situation you are in. Then, ask the Lord to help you live it out.

End your time by listening to the Lord. To listen to the Lord, you must become inwardly silent, making a conscious effort to stop the thoughts and worries of the day and inviting God to speak. Sit in a place of silence for several minutes no matter how hard it is; it will get easier over time! As you do this, you will begin to hear God speak. You may be quick to dismiss thoughts as they surface, but James 1:17 says, “Everything good comes from God.” If you are hearing good things (encouragement, hope, new perspectives, corrections etc.), you are hearing from the Lord!

Scripture References to help understand Fasting

Download fasting guides, resources, family guides, and reading plans here!

21 Day Fast Reading Guide

How can we pray for you?

Let us agree with you in prayer during this season in your life.